Robotics and Art

The intersection of robotics and art has long been of interest to Kod*lab. Led by former Lab Coordinator, Diedra Krieger, we have explored this interest through artist residencies, K-12 art and robotics workshops, participation in science festivals, hosting artist talks and robotic art exhibitions.

In 2022, through a Sachs xxx grant, Kod*lab hosted 3 artists for the Robotics Art Residency: Samantha Hensley, Nikkita Staggs, and Kat McDermott. The residency culminated with an art exhibition at the end of the year at the University City Arts League. The full project is here and the project website here,

Trashbots 2023 (and 2017) —

ICRA 2022 Robotics and Art Workshop: Automating Expressions ICRA 2022 – Robotics and Art; and exhibition series: Expressive and Meditative Machines for Imagining New Futures With Technology



Video portraits – using video to tell the story about students in legged robotics research. While video is a wonderful way to tell stories, the use of moving images and sound are particularly beneficial to revealing robotics researcher stories. Researchers use video to document their work, record data, understand how their robots work and share their edited videos with the research community. The art of video and narrative provides a medium to also bring that research to a broader audience.

Sponsors: Sachs, GRASP Lab

Collaborators: Shane Rozen-Levy, Diego Caporale, Dr. Wei-Hsi Chen, Abriana Stewart-Height, Dr. Aja Carter, Dr. Dan Koditschek, Garret Wenger (Lapsis), Gaby Alfaro (NMWR)…