Koditschek Fellowship

Elsa, Paul and Leah Koditschek Fellowship

In 2023, the inaugural Elsa, Paul and Leah Koditschek Doctoral Fellowship was awarded to an Electrical & Systems Engineering PhD Student in Penn Engineering. The Koditschek Fellowship was established by a donation from Dan Koditschek and Anne Teitelman to cover doctoral tuition and a stipend to a doctoral candidate who  “demonstrates promise for advancing engineering science at the intersection of mathematics and biology applied to the analysis and design of intelligent systems.”

The school commemorated the inauguration of the Koditschek Doctoral Fellowship in Electrical and Systems Engineering with a ceremony and luncheon. Guests experienced a tour of the inaugural fellow’s research laboratory in the Singh Center. To learn more about the Koditschek story and the fellowship, please view this video recording from the ceremony.

Feature in Penn Engineering Today

Koditschek Doctoral Fellowship Honors Family’s Resilience, Love of Education
by Abbey Porter.