RiSE Robotic Hexapod Version 2.0

The RiSE Climbing Robot
RiSE V2 platform, performing an untethered climb of a multistory building.

RiSE V2, part of the overall RiSE Project, is a hexapedal robot with two actuators per leg, designed for unaided climbing of natural outdoor surfaces such as buildings and trees.

Several design modifications were made when moving from the RiSE V1 prototype:

  • The hip differential uses a belt-drive mechanism, allowing easier modification of gear ratio as well as a different configuration in installing the motors inside the body.
  • With additional space now available, the battery packs are installed inside the body of the robot, rather than strapped on the outside.
  • Spacers were added between body modules (each module having two hips). This modification increased the body’s length and reduced the possibility of collisions between feet after we added the larger foot mechanisms.

RiSE V3 is the follow-on robot to RiSE V2, a quadrupedal version designed for rapid pole climbing with high power density.