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Timothy Herrmann

email: [first letter of my last name][My full first name]@seas.upenn.edu

Sleeping Bear Dunes, July 2009.

Research Interests

I am fascinated by the mechanisms and dynamics of legged locomotion and balance in robots.

Current Work

My current work includes gait regulation of multiple Degree of Freedom legs. The Boston Dynamics LittleDog platform is the current implementation of this work.


Stay tuned!


I am a passionate dancer, having done some form of dance or another continuously since middle school. I was co-president of the RPI Dance club during my last year of undergraduate study there, and during my term I wore the hats of choreographer/producer/manager/director for their shows. In addition, I play music fairly regularly on a variety of instruments, as well as compose and produce some original music on my laptop-turned-DAW.

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