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Desert RHex Technical Report: Tengger Desert Trip

University of Pennsylvania Technical Report, November, 2014.

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       Deserti cation is a long-standing issue in China, but research on the processes of deserti cation is limited by availability of personnel and technical equipment. This suggests a perfect application and further testing ground for the mobile desert sensing technology described in a previous technical report [1]. We describe here the rst of two trips to the Tengger Desert as part of a collaborative e ffort to bring Desert RHexes to China, with the goal of this trip being to discover and address potential locomotor challenges. Our robots were able to ascend 20 slopes with an 8.5kg payload, indicating that they could indeed be used for this novel mobile desert sensor application. We achieved locomotion on up to 30 slopes unreliably and on up to 27 slopes using morphological and behavioral adaptations inspired by our last desert trip.
       This work is supported in part by the International S&T Cooperation Program of China (Ministry of Science and Technology) under grant # 2011DFA11780, in part by the United States National Science Foundation under grant #1028237, and in part by the University of Pennsylvania.
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