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Desert RHex Technical Report: Jornada and White Sands Trip

University of Pennsylvania Technical Report, November, 2014.

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       Researchers in a variety of fields, including aeolian science, biology, and environmental science, have already made use of stationary and mobile remote sensing equipment to increase their variety of data collection opportunities. However, due to mobility challenges, remote sensing opportunities relevant to desert environments and in particular dune fields have been limited to stationary equipment. We describe here an investigative trip to two well-studied experimental deserts in New Mexico with D-RHex, a mobile remote sensing platform oriented towards desert research. D-RHex is the latest iteration of the RHex family of robots, which are six-legged, biologically inspired, small (10kg) platforms with good mobility in a variety of rough terrains, including on inclines and over obstacles of higher than robot hip height.
       This work is supported in part by the International S&T Cooperation Program of China (Ministry of Science and Technology) under grant # 2011DFA11780, in part by the United States National Science Foundation under grant #1028237, and in part by the University of Pennsylvania.
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