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Qualisys Instructions

This page contains instructions on how to use the Qualisys system at Penn South.


The first time

You will need:

  • Windows or Macintosh machine with Ethernet port (NOT USB-Ethernet adapter)
  • Qualisys Track Manager software. For license registration information, contact soro at seas
  • Keys to the shed. If you do not know how to get access to the shed, contact soro at seas

Every time

  • Retrieve the following items from the shed
    • Ethernet hub
    • Reflective markers
    • Calibration wand
  • Do not touch the power for the cameras; they are kept on at all times
  • Plug the two Ethernet cables near the shelter into the hub
  • Plug the hub into your computer
  • Boot up QTM
  • Calibrate and track!

Tips and tricks

  • You will have best results capturing data when lighting conditions are consistent and low such as in the early morning and evening.
  • Have someone walk around in the space with the calibration wand before you calibrate, and CAREFULLY FOLLOW their progress in each camera to see how many markers are visible. You may need to adjust individual cameras if the lighting conditions are poor (too bright; brighter in one direction than the other).
  • Mask reflective cars or buildings.
  • Use a bounding box.

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