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Voronoi-Based Coverage Control of Heterogeneous Disk-Shaped Robots

2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2016

arXiv:1509.03842 [cs.RO], 2015

OmurArslan and D. E. Koditschek
Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
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Initial and final configurations of a heterogeneous robot network Initial and final configurations of a heterogeneous robot network
       In distributed mobile sensing applications, networks of agents that are heterogeneous respecting both actuation as well as body and sensory footprint are often modelled by recourse to power diagrams — generalized Voronoi diagrams with additive weights. In this paper we adapt the body power diagram to introduce its “free subdiagram,” generating a vector field planner that solves the combined sensory coverage and collision avoidance problem via continuous evaluation of an associated constrained optimization problem. We propose practical extensions (a heuristic congestion manager that speeds convergence and a lift of the point particle controller to the more practical differential drive kinematics) that maintain the convergence and collision guarantees.
This work was supported in part by AFOSR under the CHASE MURI FA9550–10–1−0567.
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