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Natural Control of Robt Arms

Center for Systems Science, Yale University, February 1985

Daniel E. Koditschek
*: Yale University
NOTE: At the time of publication, author Daniel Koditschek was affiliated with Yale University. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

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      A class of algorithms which includes fixed, local, PD feedback produces closed loop robot arms dynamics whose globally asymptotically stable equilibrium state may be positioned anywhere in joint space. Task space planning is automatically resolved into joint space commands with no computation of the robot’s inverse kinematics or inverse jacobian matrix, although there remains the possibility of stall at critical values of the kinematics transformation. Characterization of transient performance remains an open problem. The resolution of these problems will afford a unified approach to the command of tasks involving both motion and force control. The adoption of such control strategies will require a very different paradigm for robot task description than the commonly used algebraic reference trajectory.
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