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Modeling the Compliance of a Variable Stiffness C-Shaped Leg Using Castigliano’s Theorem

34th Annual Mechanisms and Robotics Conference

Aydin, Yasemin*, Galloway K.C., Yazicioglu, Yigit*, and Koditschek, D.E.
University of Pennsylvania
*Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

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This paper discusses the application of Castigliano’s Theorem to a half circular beam intended for use as a shaped, tunable, passively compliant robot leg. We present closed-form equations characterizing the deflection behavior of the beam (whose compliance properties vary along the leg) under appropriate loads. We compare the accuracy of this analytical representation to that of a Pseudo Rigid Body (PRB) approximation in predicting the data obtained by measuring the deflection of a physical half-circular beam under the application of known static loads. We briefly discuss the further application of the new model for solving the dynamic equations of a hexapod robot with a C-shaped leg.
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