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A Prototype Processing Cell for Distributed Real Time Control

Center for Systems Science, Yale University, March 1987

F. Levin, M. Buehler, and D. E. Koditschek
Yale University
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      This report describes the specifications of a single board real-time controller built by wedding a WEITEK floating point chip set to the INMOS T414 Transputer by means of a bus scheme which admits general purpose memory mapped I/O as well. The bus structure affords 32 bit read/write operations at a rate of 2 MHz, and a computational rate just under 1 Mflop. Since the Transputer chip itself has four independent 10 Mbps serial I/O channels, our board can read (or write) from (or to) four other similar nodes at a rate of more than 1 Mbyte/sec while simultaneously engaged in local computation or local I/O at the above mentioned rates. At the time of writing, the chip cost for this board is slightly over $1000.
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