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Event Driven Parts Moving in 2D Endogenous Environments

Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2000

Serkan Karagoz*, H. Isil Bozma†, Daniel Koditschek‡
*: Bogazici University
†: Bogazici University
‡: University of Pennsylvania

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      This paper is concerned with the parts’ moving problem based on an event-driven planning and control. We are interested in developing feedback based approaches to the automatic generation of actuator commands that cause the robot to move a set of parts from an arbitrary initial disassembled configuration to a specif ed final configuration. In the Phase I of this project, a composite algorithm that reactively switches between different feedback controllers has been shown to induce a noncooperative game being played among the parts being manipulated. This paper describes experimental results with EDAR - Event-Driven Assembler Robot - developed for moving parts based on feedback techniques.
      This research is supported by the NSF under grant INT-9819890. The first two authors have been supported in part by n’jsflAK MSAG 65–1995 and Bogazici University Fund #99HA201. The third author has been supported in part by the NSF under grant 9510673. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions and assiduous work of Ihsan Hover to mechanical design and implementation.
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