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Lyapunov Analysis of Robot Motion

Tutorial Workshop at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, April 1987

D. E. Koditschek
Yale University

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      The practice of automatic control has its origins in antiquity [1, 2]. It is only recently - within the middle decades of this century - that a body of scientific theory has been developed to inform and improve that practice. Control theorists tend to divide their history into two periods. A “classical” period, prior to the sixties witnessed the systematization of feedback techniques based upon frequency domain analysis dominated by applications to electronics and telephony. A “modern” period in the sixties and seventies was characterized by a growing concern with formal analytical techniques pursued within the time domain motivated by the more stringent constraints posed by space applications and the enhanced processing capability of digital technology [3]. The hallmark of control theory has been, by in large, a systematic exploitation of the properties of linear dynamic systems whether in the frequency or time domain. Its great success in applications is a remarkable tribute to the diverse range of physical phenomena for which such models are appropriate.
This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant no. DMC-8505160.
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