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Modeling and Control of Color Xerographic Processes

Proceedings of the 38th Conference on Decision & Control, December 1999

Richard E. Groff*, Pramod P. Khargonekar*, Daniel E. Koditschek*, Tracy E. Thieret†, and L. K. Mestha†
*: EECS, University of Michigan
†:J.C.Wilson Center for Research and Technology, Xerox Corporation
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      The University of Michigan and Xerox’s Wilson Research Center have been collaborating on problems in color management systems since 1996, supported in part by an NSF GOALI grant. The paper is divided into three sections. The first discusses the basics of xerography and areas where systems methodology can have a potential impact. The second section describes the authors’ approach to the approximation of color space transformations using piecewise linear approximants and the graph intersection algorithm, with a brief review of some of the analytical and numerical results. The last section expounds on some of the benefits and difficulties of industry-university-government collaboration.
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