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Self-Exciting, Work-Directed Control

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DynoClimber is an ideal platform for the creation and testing of new legged control paradigms. Its actuated configuration space is remarkably small (T2), while the behavior it exhibits is dramatic and impressive (vertical locomotion at 1.5 bodylengths/second with substantial lateral oscillation of the robot’s mass center).

The two fundamental goals of a controller for our robot are:

  1. Maintain attachment of at least one leg at all times
  2. Maximize the mechanical power injected into the system

Ongoing research focuses on the generalization of a controller which provably achieves these goals on DynoClimber with minimal reliance on actuator models.

Extensions to Other Platforms

Kod*Lab students have spent substantial time over the past 10 years tuning (or building algorithms to autonomously tune) feedforward gaits; RHex and similar robots owe much of their agility and speed to these well-tuned feedforward gaits. RHex and RiSE both employ a Central-Pattern Generator extensively in their behaviors.

The controller employed on DynoClimber has properties which are desirable in other legged control platforms. Specifically, myriad other legged robots might benefit substantially from a control architecture which permits a designer to specify work-targets.

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