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Towards a Comparative Measure for Legged Agility

To Appear, 2014 International Symposium on Experimental Robotics, June, 2014.

Jeff Duperret*, Gavin Kenneally**, Jason Pusey***, and D. E. Koditschek*
*Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
**Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania
***U.S. Army Research Laboratory
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       We introduce an agility measure enabling the comparison of two very different leaping-from-rest transitions by two comparably powered but morphologically different legged robots. We use the measure to show that a flexible spine outperforms a rigid back in the leaping- from-rest task. The agility measure also sheds light on the source of this benefit: core actuation through a sufficiently powerful parallel elastic actuated spine outperforms a similar power budget applied either only to preload the spine or only to actuate the spine during the leap, as well as a rigid backed configuration of the identical machine.
This work is supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship under Grant No. DGE-0822, by the Army Research Laboratory under Cooperative Agreement Number W911NF-10–2−0016, and by the Fonds Quebecois de la Recherche sur la Nature et les Technologies B1 168461.
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