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Planar Hopping with a Leg and a Tail

Presented at Dynamic Walking, June, 2014.

Avik De, Aaron M. Johnson and D. E. Koditschek
Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
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       We explore how a tail can be used in a planar hopping robot to inject energy in the leg spring. We present our control strategy as anchoring to appropriately selected “compartments” of the full dynamics a suite of 1-DOF templates which we couple together in the style of [Raibert 1986]. We present initial empirical evidence and conjecture (without proof) that the limit behavior of the coupled system is conjugate to a cross product of the constituent templates’ limit behaviors.
This work was supported in part by the ARL/GDRS RCTA project, Coop. Agreement #W911NF-1020016 and in part by NSF grant #1028237.

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